3 Detox Baths to Soothe Your Body, Mind and Spirit

An effective body detox can be as calm and cozy as your next bath, especially when you indulge in natural detox products best known for their wide array of benefits. Three particularly effective detox baths come with a bevy of benefits that extend beyond your body to additionally soothe your mind and spirit.

Himalayan Bath Salt

Edible Himalayan salt may be delicious on your scrambled eggs, and the bath salt version of the Himalayan treasure can be even more delicious for your body when you add it to your bath.

Himalayan bath salts come in the form of pink crystals culled from the depths of the Himalayan Mountains. Himalayan salt gets credit for being the purest salt on earth, according to WiseGeek.com, and the bath salts get credit for a wide range of bath time benefits.

Detoxification ranks as one of the top benefits of these pure Himalayan bath salts, but they can also replenish your body with essential nutrients. Since Himalayan bath salts contain 84 minerals that are naturally found in the human body, soaking in a hot bath opens your skin pores and allows the supplementary minerals to soak into your body through your skin.

A sweet soak can help improve the overall condition of your skin, revitalizing your body with potassium, magnesium and iodine, and working to alleviate a number of skin conditions. Fungal infections, psoriasis, eczema and athlete’s foot may respond well to a Himalayan bath salt soak, as may dry skin and swelling and pain caused by conditions such as arthritis.

Organic Herbal Salt Baths

The exact benefits of an organic herbal salt bath depend on the exact mix of herbs and other ingredients. Opting for an herbal bath salt mixture that contains mineral-rich sea salts coupled with organic herbs and essential oils can bring about a wide range of benefits.

Organic herbal salt baths work similar to the Himalayan bath salts soak by treating your body to a host of natural minerals that can both detoxify and revitalize. Mix in the healing power of the herbs along with the soothing properties of aromatic essential oils and your benefits go even deeper.

For example, with our Muscle Mender Therapeutic Bath Salts, your body can receive a boost by choosing herbs and essential oils best known for their anti-inflammatory properties to soothe any muscle aches, pains or slight swelling. These include sweet birch, arnica, comfrey, juniper berry, rosemary and turmeric. Sea salts add to the soothing mix by providing relief for cramps and overall soreness.

Psychological benefits can come not just from the warm and cozy soaking, but from the highly aromatic mixture of herbs and essential oils. Eucalyptus and peppermint are two prime choices for a soothing sensory experience that leaves you mind and spirit as relaxed as your body.

Pyrophillite Clay (Sacred Clay)

Pyrophillite clay gets its nickname of Sacred Clay from its place of origin. This organic bath and body clay comes from Oregon, several miles from the state’s renown Crater Lake. The awesome beauty of the area led many to believe the place was sacred, and those who experience the benefits of the clay may find themselves with similar beliefs.

Clay in general works as one of the most effective natural detox products due to its ability to draw toxins out of the body, trapping them in the clay particles. Sacred Clay provides enhanced detox benefits due to its ability to specifically draw out heavy metals, poisons and petrochemicals from the body. Sacred Pyrophyllite clay is also rich in minerals, allowing it to replenish the body with essential nutrients while purging the body of hazardous toxins and promoting an overall sense of peace.

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