Amethyst: Purple Stone of Dreams

“An illusion is a static image, displaced in the stream of time, and for that reason is unreal.”

In this fast paced era of telecommunications and media messages, it is easy to fall sway to the subliminal patterning of mass minded marketing dynamics. With so much bombardment from external stimuli, it is important to distinguish the illusory from reality. Only an awareness and acceptance of the present moment can combat the illusory values of materialism, competition, and commercialism.  While the ubiquity of foreign values may seem overwhelming, tools exist to penetrate the illusions of the technology age. One such tool is amethyst crystal, whose properties are related to the third eye chakra and penetrating illusions.

Himalayan Salt is Pristine Salt

Salt has been a prized substance for thousands of years across different cultures and continents; however historical trends in salt consumption have been changing in recent decades. It has been theorized that during the Paleolithic era humans consumed far less salt than what is recommended today.  In the modern age, salt has become a household product which a majority of Americans consume more than twice the daily recommended value. Excess salt and sodium has been blamed for a variety of serious health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and stroke.

Electromagnetic Radiation: Invisible Threat of the Technology Age

The current global dynamic is an unprecedented one: never before has technology permeated society to such a degree. While the affordances technology offers in terms of communication and information are substantial, it is important to remain aware of the potential risks associated with technological immersion. One concern points to the influence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), physical energetic fields produced by electrically charged objects.

Vitex: Aromatherapy Utilizing Women's Herb

A mature vitex shrub
The precursor to the modern system of pharmaceutical healthcare was based on traditional herbal medicine. As ancient nomads and hunter-gatherers began to settle in geographically regular locations they became familiar with the plants, herbs, and other natural forms of life endemic to those areas. Living so closely among nature resulted in the eventual discovery of the medicinal qualities of various plants. Particular plants were revered as being useful in the treatment of a variety of ailments. One such plant is vitex, a shrub native to Greece and Italy whose berries and leaves have been used in herbal medicine for over 2000 years.

Smudging: A Simple Way of Cleansing Energy

A white sage bundle smolders on a
heat resistant smudge plate
Negative energy accumulates just like dust in a house. This negativity may attach itself to a person being targeted by or generating the energy, an object, or even a location. When allowed to accumulate, negative energy manifests in the form of physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental dis-ease. To the unattuned eye this energy acts as a lurking vampire continuously consuming life-force energy, creating a draining atmospheric fugue. Energetically sensitive individuals may be especially prone to attract this negativity, however these individuals are also the best equipped to combat such energetic intrusions. The technique of smudging, a gift of Native American wisdom, is a simple and effective means of eliminating stagnant negative energy.

Crystal Healing Explained by the Law of Resonance

Humans have long sensed that crystals and unusual minerals hold an inherent uniqueness among objects of the physical earth-plane. For many, this uniqueness is based on an aesthetic appreciation for the colors, textures, sheens, and reflections crystals afford which are rarely found in nature in stable and durable formation.

Selenite: the Universal Harmonizer

Selenite is a crystal whose appearance appropriately indicates the energetic potential contained within its lattice structure. This crystal, named after the Greek moon goddess Selene is known for its ability to harness the soft, feminine power of the moon. Known for its white, transparent color, the glassy sheen of selenite is most reminiscent of a moonbeam stored in crystal form.

Zafu Cushions: Introduce Comfort into Your Meditation Routine

The oldest recorded system of meditation dates back almost 7000 years and is recorded among the holy books (Vedas) of the Hindu religion. The inspired poets (called rishis) responsible for these volumes attributed their insight regarding mythology, religion, and morality to a natural process of awakening that occurs following an intense commitment to meditation.