Chromotherapy: Let Colored Light into Your Life

The metaphysical properties of light have been apparent for thousands of years, as citizens of earlier civilizations would bathe in the sun for energy, warmth, and strength and the moon for serenity, coolness, and focus.

A Brief History of Incense

The burning of fragrant herbs, berries, roots, and resins for the purpose of ritual and holistic benefits has likely taken place cross-culturally and cross-historically since the invention of fire. Incense burning in its various forms emerged independently in the geographically isolated regions of the great river valley civilizations between 5500 and 2500 BCE. The most distinct lineage of incense making belongs to the Indus river valley, which is credited with having formulated the first unified and codified system of incense making, the earliest mention of which is found recorded in the Vedic texts of India dating back to 5000 BCE.

Shungite: The Healing Stone of the 21st Century

Shungite is a powerful black lustrous crystal found only in Russia. Mined in large deposits, Shungite is extracted from the ground in Karelia, an area near a small settlement called Shunga from where the crystal draws its name. Chemical tests conducted on shungite deposits have corroborated what local citizens of the Karelian area in Russia have known for hundreds of years: that shungite is a special stone with multidimensional properties.