Singing Bowls Have History in Meditation and Healing, But Quartz Crystal is Key

They are called healing bowls by some, while other times they are known as mediation bowls or  simply as singing crystal bowls. Whatever name you choose, these artistic, inverted bells produce unique tones that resonate with the human body and spirit, and have a rich history.

The use of singing bowls can be difficult to trace to an exact date, but it is thought that their first use goes all the way back before the time of Buddhism, to around 500 B.C. in Tibet. This is why you will sometimes find crystal singing bowls referred to as Tibetan singing bowls or less often, Himalayan singing bowls. It is believed that singing bowls were an integral part of practicing the early religion of that time.

All Hail the Queen of Fruits: Meet the Magnificent Mangosteen

While England may have a queen of the country, Southeast Asia is home to the Queen of Fruits. This deliciously delightful queen comes in the form of mangosteen, an orange-sized fruit featuring a creamy flesh protected beneath a durable rind.

Unlike the orange, however, the mangosteen is packed with benefits in both its juicy flesh and its textured rind. Premium mangosteen powder capitalizes on this fact by grinding both into fine powder that can bring a nutritious burst of goodness to your daily diet.

There is one caveat: the Queen of Fruits cannot be hailed in all her glory unless the proper preparation methods are in place. Proper, for this queen, means ensuring the mangosteen is kept raw and grown only with organic methods.

Essential Oils and Cancer: How They Help Symptoms and Survivors

While essential oils may not be able to serve as a magic cure for cancer, studies have shown they may certainly play a role in cancer prevention and treatment. 

The Mayo Clinic reports that aromatherapy essential oils can also go a long way toward helping cancer survivors cope with the hardship they’ve just experienced and renew their zest for life as well as their overall health and wellness.

Meet the Power of Purple, the Power of Acai Berry Powder Superfood Benefits

Vivacious violet. Exquisite amethyst. Deep plum. Magnificent magenta. 

Think purple and think kings, queens, nobility. Think rituals and magic. Think bravery, courage, opulence and wealth. Think luxury, awareness and inspiration. 

Purple is passion, passion that swirls in your mind, dances in your eyes and penetrates your soul. Purple is passion for your health when you meet the deep purple acai berry superfood. 

Raw Vanilla Bean Powder Benefits: A Love Story

Vanilla exists because of love, the love story of Princess Xanat and her dashing yet mortal paramour. The young starry-eyed couple fled to the forest to defy her father’s wishes, his decree that they never should marry.

They were soon captured by his henchmen and where they did fall, the vanilla orchid soon did grow.

Vanilla originally sprouted only in Mexico, near the lands of the ancient Totonaco Indian tribe who created the myth to explain how such a magical plant could come to be. Only one type of small Mexican bee was able to successfully pollinate vanilla, further increasing its allure, its rarity, its mystery.

Using Himalayan Salt Lamps for Natural Air Purification

The air we breathe is vital to our overall health, from our lung tissue to our circulatory system to our digestion. Despite the importance of air quality, many people don’t stop to consider whether their health issues are caused, or exacerbated, by the immediate air around them.

In recent years, as pollutants and allergens have become more prevalent, more research has been dedicated to examining how air quality affects us.  Scientists are also exploring how we can purify the air we breathe by reducing pollution using technology and natural solutions like salt crystal lamps and salt inhalers.

Crystal Singing Bowls Mean Healing for Many

Sound is powerful medicine that is used in many alternative medicine circles to promote healing and a sense of mental well-being. Sound therapy is based on the principal that the chakra centers of the body respond to various notes and create a sense of harmony within the body’s systems.

Many people report feeling a renewed sense of wellness after being exposed to the melodic sounds of certain notes and music. Although sound therapy has been used for many decades, a new kind of sound therapy, often called sound healing, has attracted a new following. 

How Peppermint Essential Oil Peps up Your Body, Mind and Soul

You may already be a fan of peppermint candy, breath spritz and chewing gum, and your fandom is likely to increase manifold when you check out the benefits of organic peppermint essential oil. 

The peppermint plant, which originally hails from Europe, has such a peppy history of helping people’s health it’s been called the world’s oldest medicine.

This is one so-called medicine, however, that leaves no bitter aftertaste, especially if you go for therapeutic peppermint essential oil as part of your aromatherapy lineup.