Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit with Organic Essential Oils

The human sense of smell is widely accredited as the most emotionally powerful of the senses.  This is because the olfactory bulb is connected with the amygdala, the part of the limbic system that processes memory and emotion.  Our brains are essentially networked so that specific smells can elicit powerful memories and trigger very real, emotional responses.  
For this reason, certain scents can be used to calm or elevate one’s mood, and aromatherapy - the strategic therapeutic use of scent – has been proven to be effective in treating a wide array of emotional issues. 

The Dangers of Parabens in Skin Care Products

One of the biggest motivations for people to look into organic skin care solutions is the presence of parabens and other toxic chemicals in mainstream skin care products. Parabens are chemical preservatives and are found in a great majority of lotions, cosmetics and skin care products that are on the mainstream market today.

This is very alarming, as parabens are connected with a number of known health risks. 

Crystal Singing Bowls for Meditation and Sound Therapy

Modern life is teeming with stress-inducing stimulus all around and, according to the American Psychological Association, the health care system isn’t adequately addressing this condition that often leads to a broad spectrum other health problems and a generally lower quality of life. 

Meditation and Sound Therapy through the use of Singing Crystal Bowls allow many to find relief from the overwhelming and often negative effects of daily life stress factors and resulting illnesses that often arise from stress or independently of it. 

Discover All Of The Benefits of Wildcrafted Vitex Essential Oil (Chasteberry)

Vitex essential oil, also known as Agnus Castus and Chasteberry, has been used for thousands of years to aid the female reproductive system in a variety of ways. 

Broadly used in Europe, vitex remains an important remedy for helping regulate and stabilize female hormones, thus aiding in reproduction, reducing menstruation difficulties, easing menopause symptoms and is reported to help with symptoms of mild endometriosis. Also, a benefit of regulating female hormones, vitex can also improve acne.

3 Detox Baths to Soothe Your Body, Mind and Spirit

An effective body detox can be as calm and cozy as your next bath, especially when you indulge in natural detox products best known for their wide array of benefits. Three particularly effective detox baths come with a bevy of benefits that extend beyond your body to additionally soothe your mind and spirit.

Have You Had Your Zeolites Today?

Zeolite Capsules

Meet the Zeolite.

Zeolites are a natural substance  found in volcanic rock and are an excellent option for detox products that can quickly filter out and remove loads of toxins from your body, especially heavy metals.

Zeolites are naturally occurring mineral substances that form out of the chemical reaction between volcanic glass and salt water, according to The Abbey Newsletter. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center reports zeolites typically contain silicon, hydrated aluminum and sodium compounds, with some varieties also containing magnesium and calcium.

How They Work

Zeolites have the components and porous structure that give it three attractive properties (1). Those properties are ion exchange, catalysis and absorption.