MSM Capsules Offer Natural Anti-Aging Health and Wellness Benefits

According to independent research, MSM capsules have been associated with anti-aging properties and health and wellness benefits, including reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis pain and easing the symptoms intersitial cystits. The compounds in MSM strengthen collagen and are also believed by some to possibly aid in cancer prevention, scleroderma, constipation and allergies.

When it comes to choosing anti-aging capsules, MSM can be an ideal, effective choice. Studies have shown MSM has a number of anti-aging qualities and health benefits. However, not all MSM on the market is safe, organic, vegetarian or non-petroleum, and those considering an  MSM supplement  should be aware of this. 

What Is MSM?

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound that is found in many organisms and is also a nutritional component of a number of foods in human and vertebrate diets. The MSM sulfur compound is normally present in small amounts in the human body as well as in many foods. Meat, cow's milk, seafood, fruits and vegetables all contain MSM. However, MSM is often diminished and/or lost in the food processing and refinement process.

MSM is abundant in the food chains of ocean and terrestrial life and it provides bioavailable sulfur to around 85% of all organisms on the planet. Compounds like MSM are among the few primary sources for sulfur found on Earth. 

The distilled form of MSM appears to contain a concentrated dose of the compound as well as its health benefits and therapeutic properties. MSM has also been produced in lotions and creams, but evidence has suggested that MSM can't be effectively absorbed and assimilated topically through skin.

Non-Petroleum is Key to Safety

Omica brand MSM capsules have undergone two separate carbon dating analysis protocols, and both have substantiated that they are NON-Petroleum-Derived. Since the molecular structures in MSM that is derived from fossil fuel or a natural wood source appear identical, it's impossible to tell them apart using just standard analysis. The only reliable and definitive method to determine the source of MSM is by using carbon dating.

When MSM is plant derived MSM has been shown to be completely safe for human use as a supplement by several studies. In thirty years of active use there haven't been any reported adverse effects or reactions pertaining to MSM. Sulfur allergies also do not apply to MSM, so users with such allergies are free to use it as any non-allergic user would.

However, if you have any type of medical condition or are pregnant, lactating, trying to become pregnant or taking any medications, you should consult your health care practitioner before starting an MSM supplement regimen.

MSM as Anti-Aging Capsules

MSM has been associated with anti-aging properties and a number of other health benefits, including reducing osteoarthritis pain and easing the symptoms of intersitial cystits. 

MSM is also often combined with glucosamine in arthritis products to help in the relief of arthritis pain and symptoms. It is believed that the sulfur in the MSM compound helps to strengthen collagen. 

One study has even shown that taking MSM resulted in less snoring. MSM is currently being tested and explored for use in cancer prevention, scleroderma, constipation and allergies.

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