5 Ways You Can Benefit From Diffusing Essential Oils

If you’re interested in giving yourself a health boost without all the fuss, we at The Om Shoppe & Spa recommend diffusing essential oils! Diffusion is the process through which particles from a particular substance, through vibration, spread throughout a space. By utilizing one of our several diffusing devices, you can introduce the health benefits of an essential oil into any environment! We at The Om Shoppe & Spa wanted to share with you some ways you can use an aromatherapy diffuser to achieve maximum health.

Do You Know How Sound Healing Works?

Sound has long been recognized as an environmental element that can strongly influence the quality of life a space supports. Certain sounds like cooing, singing, or running water are natural and indicate safety and nature, whereas other sounds like slamming, cursing, or banging may find association with danger and uncertainty. Psychological studies have found that excessive sound can be stress inducing, as in the case of individuals living near highways, airports, or construction sites. At the same time, sound has been used as a tool for healing for thousands of years across many different cultures and civilizations. In order to understand how sound healing works, it is necessary to first understand what sound is.

What is Om?

We at The Om Shoppe & Spa are excited to announce that Saturday the 26th is the three year anniversary of our business! Part of the holiday season is showing your gratitude for all of life’s gifts, and we are so grateful to all of the supporters of The Om Shoppe & Spa. As part of our anniversary celebration, we wanted to take some time to explain the purpose of why we exist as a shoppe: to help bring you a sense of Om.

Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude? 5 Things to do That'll Help You Say "Yes!"

The holiday season is all about expressing gratitude, but amidst the stress that accumulates during this sometimes stressful season, we sometimes forget to apply gratitude outside of the context of gift receiving. When we spend too much of our time overworking or abstain from practicing self-care, we lose the time and space for expressing gratitude. Even a small expression of gratitude has a powerful effect on mood, producing a bountiful sensation. That is why we’re explaining five minimal energy ways of introducing gratitude into your life

How to Make It Through a Stressful Holiday Season: 5 Tips

Spending time with your loved ones this holiday season? We at The Om Shoppe & Spa are reminded of a simple quote provided by the yoga sage B.K.S. Iyengar: “Think you’ve conquered the ego? Spend some time with your family and we’ll reapproach that question.” While family members are a source of joy and support, it is often difficult to remain composed when a family member expresses divergent political views or oversteps what you consider to be normal or appropriate. For this reason we wanted to offer some survival tips for dealing with disagreements over this holiday season.