The Angels are With Us: Universal Positivity Explained

Across the span of history various names have been given to the mysterious forces of the universe acting upon the human level of reality. Some of these forces are arbitrary, such as the attraction of gravity or the polarity of magnetism, however, there exists a category of force which is non-arbitrary and in fact represents a mediating element between individual consciousness and the external universe. Throughout history, individuals with the highest intuitive abilities have been able to access and interpret this force for the benefit of others. Often, this force is interpreted in a historically specific way. In 4,000 BCE in India this force was enacted by the devas, in ancient Greece it was symbolized by the muses, and today this force is carried out by the guardian angels.

Celebrate the Change of Seasons!

As the seasons change, global energy dynamics shift concurrently.

Thursday September 22nd marks the day of the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. An equinox occurs as the Sun crosses the celestial equator, an imaginary line in the sky corresponding to the earth’s equator. In September, the Sun crosses the celestial equator, leaving the Northern Hemisphere and entering the Southern Hemisphere. The equinox is significant in that it indicates astrologically a change in the seasons: here is the mid-point between summer and winter, between the high and low points of the year.

Orgone and the Principles of Universal Life Energy

Many names have been given to the mysterious energetic force associated with vitality and life. Often, this force has been studied in relation to its boundary within the human body, as in the case of the early yogis and their knowledge of prana or the qi of ancient Chinese medicine. Not until the middle of the 20th century was a theory of life energy expanded to include a ubiquitous principle of universal life energy extending beyond the confines of any organism.