Red Pine Needle Oil: Letting the Best Body Detox Secret Out of the Bag

Growing deep in the wild forests of Korea, in the highest mount elevations, is a tree, whose precious needle oil has been used for over 4,000 years in the treatment of over 170 different health issues.

In Traditional Oriental Medical Books, Dongwee Bogam and Boncho Kangmok, cite many cases spanning over hundreds of years where patients experienced miraculous results in short periods of time. It continues to be used today for almost every health issue and is gaining in popularity specifically for its performance in anti-aging/age-reversal, cardiovascular health, candida albicans and fungal inflections,  increased vitally, full body detox and brain function support.

Red Pine Needle Oil is not to be confused with your mom's all purpose and powerful Green Pine Sol house cleanser. This is Mother Nature's all purpose and powerful full body cleanser.

This superior precious oil, Pinus Densiflora is extracted from the hearty Red Pine Needle tree ( aka Japanese or Korean Red Pine Needle Oil)  and can be used in the form of pine needle oil capsules, red pine needle essential oil and red pine needle oil soap. This unique oil is surprisingly an excellent source of all Omegas and very high levels of natural chlorophyll. Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, President of the Hagiwara Institute for Health, found that when absorbed by humans, chlorophyll transforms into blood, transporting its nutrients and oxygen into every cell in the body.

Pine Needle Oil Benefits

Cleansing is one of the topmost benefits of pine needle oil, a benefit that says actually gave rise to the tradition of the evergreen Christmas tree. European folks first started incorporating evergreens into their winter holiday tradition not because it was a dandy place to hang ornaments but due to the cleansing properties of the pine needles that purified the air and helped halt the spread of winter colds and flu.

The deep purification and cleansing effects of Red Pine Needle oil are some of the most powerful and all inclusive you will find. It’s rare ability to cross the blood brain barrier, clean up arterial plaque and dissolve gallstones combined with it’s anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties put it among the best of the best when reviewing all purpose body detox cleansers. It doesn’t end there. Live Pine Red Pine Needle Oil is excellent at boosting glutathione levels, the body’s built in natural chelator, which means it binds to toxins like heavy metals and removes them too.

Another impressive detox agent found in Live Pine Red Needle Pine Oil is Alpha Lipoic Acid, known to reduce belly fat, and clean out the Hypothalamus, Pineal,  Pituitary, Thymus, Adrenal, Thyroid, and Parathyroid glands. This precious oil essentially cleans all metabolic pathways including the lymph and endocrine systems, while restoring adrenal functionality. As a bonus, with regular use, people even report healthier looking skin. and note extensive research started in the 1930s by Russian forest biochemistry scientists Professor Fyodor Solodky and Dr. Asney Agranat opened the world’s eyes to the amazing array of benefits pine needle oil can bring. They include helping to:

  • Clear up skin conditions as a natural disinfectant
  • Serve as an anti-microbial agent that annihilates disease-causing organisms
  • Heal internal and external wounds
  • Increase red blood cell counts while enriching the blood
  • Alleviate digestive and gastrointestinal issues due to its ability to restore blood alkalinity
  • Protect the liver and restore its functioning
  • Prevent and remove arterial plaque buildup
  • Neutralize free radicals and harmful toxins
  • Reduce swelling
  • Stimulate the immune system and thyroid gland
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease tumors
  • Strengthen the cells
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Eliminate food cravings and reduce the appetite

What is red pine needle oil made up of?

The wide range of benefits comes from the equally wide range of nutrients found in pine needle oil. PineNeedleResearch says our Russian scientist team of Solodky and Agranat discovered pine needles were rich in enzymes, vitamins, sterols, hormones, fatty and resin acids, diterpenes and triterpenes, polyprenols and other high molecular alcohols and a healthy dose of lipids. The needles were also packed, by weight, with more ascorbic acid than oranges and lemons as well as more carotene than carrots.

Pine needle extracts contain a number of substances that are similar to those found naturally in the human body. This means the substances work in harmony with our own bodies, contributing to the health and wellness of our brain, blood, soft tissues and skin without any detrimental interactions. You can buy red pine needle oil in various forms, depending on any specific ailments you want to target and which method of using it best suits your routine.

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