Organic Maqui Berry Powder Reigns Supreme In Age Defying Antioxidant Power

"The amount of antioxidants in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live. " ~ Dr. Richard Cutler, former Director of the National Institute of Aging, Washington

Your vacation in Southern Chile has become the ultimate adventure and decide to hike off of the beaten path. Making your way up the steep terrain when a brilliant rustling of color catches your eye from the hillside. 

You spy a field, alive with wild berries. Gloriously deep purple berries. You pop a berry in your mouth and delicately bite down.

A spurt of naturally sweet, delicious goodness begins to penetrate your tongue. Your taste buds waltz. You swallow and become awash with an instant burst of energy. 

You begin to feast on the berries, their sweetness swirling through your mouth, their nutrients swimming through your system, their goodness enlivening your soul. You are alive. You are quenched. You are sated. 

The berry is the Maqui. 

Maqui Berry Powder Health Benefits

You’ve already experienced the benefits of the super-berry firsthand, and later learn why it gave your body, mind and soul such a powerful boost. Antioxidant levels in the vegan maqui berry powder are through the roof, with an ORAC scale score of 616, nearly 10 times higher than blueberries score of 65. 

The antioxidants swim through your system, repairing cells, neutralizing free radicals and making you feel vibrant and alive. One specific type of antioxidant, anthocyanins known as dephinidins, give the berry the power to reduce your risk of colon cancer and the long list of degenerative diseases associated with inflammation. 

You additionally learn vegan maqui berry powder naturally reduces inflammation from a variety of causes. It additionally ups your heart health with the ability to help stop the oxidation of cholesterol in your blood, which contributes to heart attacks, hardening of the arteries, stroke and cardiovascular disease. 

Your waistline can also benefit, research has shown that maqui berries harbor the ability to sustain your energy levels and deter new fat cells from forming. Antibacterial activity is additionally on the list of benefits, a trait that can help you steer clear of sickness caused by food borne germs. 

The antioxidant maqui berry powder superfood isn’t done with you yet. It supplies your body with notable amounts of calcium, potassium, iron and Vitamin C as well as age-defying polyphenols. 

Mapuche Indians native to Chile’s Patagonia region have harvested the berries for centuries, using them for rituals, ceremonies and overall health and wellness. You can make raw organic maqui berry powder a part of your daily life, no matter where you may next roam.

Add raw organic maqui berry powder to your favorite shakes, smoothies, yogurt or sprinkle on top of berries, fruit salads deserts and more! The clean, refreshing taste of our raw organic maqui berry powder makes it easy to enjoy this super-antioxidant superfood.


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