Essential Oils and Cancer: How They Help Symptoms and Survivors

While essential oils may not be able to serve as a magic cure for cancer, studies have shown they may certainly play a role in cancer prevention and treatment. 

The Mayo Clinic reports that aromatherapy essential oils can also go a long way toward helping cancer survivors cope with the hardship they’ve just experienced and renew their zest for life as well as their overall health and wellness.

Aromatherapy essential oils help heal, balance and restore the body and mind. Mayo Clinic says studies have shown aromatherapy oils and aromatherapy candles can help:
  • Alleviate anxiety and stress
  • Improve your overall mood
  • Enhance your quality of life
Essential Oils for Cancer Treatment

Essential oil blends can help make life during cancer treatments more bearable and enjoyable. Organic Facts adds that at least two essential oils are known for their cancer-inhibiting properties.
  • Cinnamon essential oil has been used during treatments of colon cancer and possesses the ability to help quell indigestion
  • Vanilla essential oil is one of the most fragrant and popular, well-known for its ability to calm and soothe and perhaps lesser known for its potential for inhibiting cancerous cells
Cancer treatment can additionally include a range of nasty side effects, many of which can also be helped through the use of organic essential oils.

Nausea and vomiting can be a major side effect during radiation treatments, and the best essential oils for beating nausea include organic clove essential oil and organic ginger essential oil.

Fatigue can be helped with an invigorating and energizing oil, such as the heavily scented wildcrafted pine essential oil.

Sleep problems can also crop up during cancer treatments, and organic lavender essential oil and organic vanilla essential oil can help promote quality slumber.

Pain can take center stage during treatment, but you can put it on the back burner with aromatherapy oils such as:
  • organic chamomile essential oil
  • organic cinnamon essential oil
  • organic clove essential oil
  • organic eucalyptus essential oil
  • organic ginger essential oil
  • organic lemongrass essential oil
  • organic peppermint essential oil
  • wildcrafted black pine essential oil
  • organic rosemary essential oil
– just to name a few.

Essential Oils for Cancer Survivors 

Stress and anxiety can be a common trait throughout treatment as well in the lives of cancer survivors. Mayo Clinic explains aromatherapy helps beat that double-whammy by first stimulating your nose’s smell receptors, which then send impulses through your nervous system. Those messages eventually enter the area of your brain that controls emotion, also known as your limbic system. 

It’s tough for negative, torrential or depression-tinged emotions to take over your body and mind when your brain’s limbic system is busy enjoying the sweet smells of essential oils. 

When it comes to stress and anxiety, organic vanilla essential oil once again makes a big impact, as do
  • organic lavender essential oil
  • organic ylang ylang essential oil
  • organic sage essential oil
  • organic chamomile essential oil
  • organic sandalwood essential oil
  • organic geranium rose essential oil
  • organic bergamot essential oil
Essential Oils and Prevention

Cancer can develop from a number of causes, Organic Facts notes, two of which can be constant emotional stress and a buildup of toxins in your body. 

Essential oils can help prevent and eliminate stress and toxin accumulations, thereby potentially offering an indirect method for keeping disease at bay (please note, it is not implied that essential oils prevent cancer).

Keeping your mind and body relaxed and in balance is one of the foremost benefits of many pure essential oils. You already met a huge lineup of oils that can help alleviate stress. 

Body detox is another benefit of many oils. Organic Facts says those that double as natural detox products include: 
  • Birch essential oil
  • Carrot seed essential oil
  • Organic spearmint essential oil
Whether you go for a single aromtherapy candle or a complex essential oil blend simmering over an essential oil burner, going for organic essential oils can help improve your health, your outlook and your overall life.

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