Fulvic Acid is Fabulous for Brain Function and Body Detox

You may already know humus can help your garden grow, and the fulvic acid in humus can help your body in much the same way. While you may not suddenly develop roots or start sprouting leaves, you may notice your body and mind beginning to hum along more smoothly when you begin to include a fulvic acid supplement into your regular routine.

Why is fulvic acid so beneficial in promoting brain function and body detox?

Fulvic acid is an organic polymer found in the humus of sediment, soil and aquatic environments, Encyclopedia Britannica explains. Its health and wellness power comes from fulvic trace minerals, the result of organic materials collecting and breaking down in the soil or environment over extended periods of time.

Fulvic Acid Benefits 

In addition to creating a glorious garden, fulvic acid has a lineup of benefits when used as a nutritional supplement for a humans biological terrain. And, though an acid, it helps to balance the bodies pH.

Streamlines Biochemical Reactions 

When it comes to your body’s biochemical reactions, fulvic acid is akin to a great efficiency expert dropping in and doing his or her thing. Fulvic acid can make your body’s processes occur more rapidly and more efficiently, speeding up enzyme activity and increasing the permeability of your cell walls. The increased permeability, in turn, lets water move through cell walls at an advanced rating, promoting balanced hydration and expediting the purging of toxins and other unwanted substances.

Helps Your Cells Release Toxic Metals 

One of those unwanted substances is definitely toxic metals, which can impair cell functioning and eventually make you sick. Fulvic acid acts as super body detox by helping your cells get rid off all those nasty, built-up metals. The metal-purging abilities were particularly evident in Australia’s Ecotoxicology Program. The program discovered that fish swimming in water that contained fulvic acid had significantly lower levels of aluminum toxicity than fish in other waters. 

Gives Your Brain a Boost 
“Fulvic acid, a humic substance, has several nutraceutical properties with potential activity to protect cognitive impairment,” according to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Combine fulvic acid with a nutritious diet, plenty of sleep and other brain-boosting moves and you may suddenly find yourself sharper than you ever knew you could be.

Alzheimer’s Treatment Potential
Fulvic acid’s contribution to brain health may even go deeper, with the study reporting that fulvic acid is likely to lead to fresh insights for natural treatments of Alzheimer’s disease. The study outlined how fulvic acid could have an effect on preventing the entanglement of certain proteins that lead to the disease.

While not all the benefits of fulvic acid have been fully explored, those that have been unveiled can play a role in your overall health and wellness plan.

How to Enjoy It

You can include fulvic acid as a regular part of your wellness routine with a fulvic acid liquid supplement. Due to its high potency, you should always dilute the acid in water or juice and check with your health care practitioner if you have any health conditions or concerns.


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