The Glorious Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

Whether you’ve diced it for your stir fry, minced it for your marinade or pressed it fresh for your morning juice, chances are you’ve enjoyed ginger in one form or another. Although you may have been busy focusing your energies on ginger’s spicy and distinctive taste, the odd-looking root rapidly went into action in your body to bring you a host of healthy benefits.

The same benefits can stand firm if you move ginger out of the kitchen and into your aromatherapy lineup with the use of organic ginger essential oil.

Ginger’s power comes from its combination of chemicals best known for alleviating inflammation and nausea, according to the MedlinePlus website. These chemicals can go to work through scent alone, which is where ginger essential oil kicks in. 

Ginger Essential Oil Benefits

Ginger essential oil uses have long ranged from stomach ailments to colds and flu, MedlinePlus and OrganicFacts note, with a bundle of health and wellness benefits in between.

Digestive woes.  Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, gas and the standard stomach ache can all take a backseat when faced with a sweet inhalation of ginger essential oil. Whether you’re feeling ill from motion sickness, morning sickness, food poisoning or as a side effect of chemotherapy, ginger can give nausea the boot. It does double duty on food poisoning and other infections by ridding your body of bacteria through its antiseptic quality.

Respiratory woes. Ginger’s power as an expectorant, the randy root can help

rid your respiratory system of a wide range of issues. These include the good ole cold and flu as well as a cough, bronchitis, breathlessness and asthma.

Aphrodisiac.  Warm a bit of organic ginger essential oil to put on with your sexy lingerie for a lucrative effect. Ginger essential oil has a firm reputation as an aphrodisiac, thanks to its warm scent that is as spicy as it is scintillating and as energizing as it is alluring.

Pain and inflammation. Ginger’s inflammation-reduction properties come from a substance known as Zingibain, Organic Facts says, and that substance works in tandem with ginger’s ability to alleviate pain for relief from a wide scope of ailments. The list includes muscles aches and strain, rheumatisms, arthritis and even headache and migraine.

Heart woes. Folks in China have long believed ginger does wonders for your heart, which may explain the high rate of the spice in many Asian recipes. In addition to boosting your heart’s power and strength, ginger may help prevent blood clotting and reduce cholesterol levels, paving the way for overall optimum heart health.

Mental woes and other issues. As a sizzling stimulant, ginger can easily take on depression, anxiety, stress, restlessness, exhaustion, dizziness and other mental anguish. Organic Facts further reports the root can root out painful menstrual problems, yellow fever, malaria and, thanks to its reputation as an aphrodisiac, impotency.  

How to Enjoy Organic Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil aromatherapy can come straight-up by placing the oil directly in aromatherapy oil burners and aromatherapy diffusers, or you can opt for inhalation through the use of soy aromatherapy candles or via organic bath and body products. 

Ginger is also excellent to add to a bath or massage and body oil, and can be used with a cold compress to sooth inflammation. No matter how you dice, mince, press or inhale it, ginger continues to bring on the goodness.

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