Celebrate the Change of Seasons!

As the seasons change, global energy dynamics shift concurrently.

Thursday September 22nd marks the day of the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. An equinox occurs as the Sun crosses the celestial equator, an imaginary line in the sky corresponding to the earth’s equator. In September, the Sun crosses the celestial equator, leaving the Northern Hemisphere and entering the Southern Hemisphere. The equinox is significant in that it indicates astrologically a change in the seasons: here is the mid-point between summer and winter, between the high and low points of the year.

Representation of the
Celestial Equator and
the Hemispheres of the
The length of the day and night are equal during an equinox, and for this reason the Autumnal and Vernal Equinoxes signify balance and equilibrium. This association is more than symbolic: both the sun and moon emit life-sustaining influence over the earth and all organisms. The sun represents warmth and masculine, active energy, whereas the moon corresponds to coolness and feminine, passive energy.

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The Scales of Libra
Most days of the year either the sun or moon will exert a greater influence than the other, however on the day of an equinox, solar and lunar energies are balanced. It is at this time that the sun enters the astrological sign of Libra, which is the sign of the scales and balance.

The days closest to an equinox will be more naturally balanced than other days of the year. The heat of the summer blends with the encroaching winter to create an in-between comfortable climate, devoid of extremes. This time of comfort and balance can be taken as a grace period before the extreme end-of-year during which preparations must be made to face the off-season winter conditions. The equinox similarly corresponds to a time of energetic tranquility, a time meant to allow for growth and transformation in the wake of shifting energies.

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