5 Civil Liberties You Didn't Even Know You Had

We at The Om Shoppe & Spa think it’s a very important practice to be aware of the freedoms and liberties we possess. Such awareness cultivates the basis for incorporating appreciation and gratitude into our lives. In addition, being aware of the privileges we hold is an important way to honor, respect, and continue the legacy of those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. For this reason, we wanted to take some time this week to highlight 5 civil liberties  you might not know you had.

1.The Freedom to Exercise your Autonomy 

Every human being has the ability to choose for themselves how to react to a given situation. This means that we are able to decide for ourselves what we want to do and what we don’t want to do. In addition, this freedom means that no one else is able to exercise our autonomy except for ourselves; thus we have the freedom and ability to affect change only in ourselves. This means that we cannot control others. If we seek change, then we must exercise our individual freedom in order to manifest a new reality, rather than relying on others. 

2. The Freedom to Seek Self Care

Often people get confused over what it means to be a strong and healthy individual. Many time this means concealing hurt or pain in order to appear strong and resolute. However, it is a human right to seek self care to the face of tension and conflict. If you ever feel that you don’t deserve to take a rest or there isn’t time, just remember that it is your right to balance out your life by focusing energy on yourself. Remember, it is important to reserve some energy for nurturing the self. That way we are able to stay strong and stable. 

3. The Freedom to Pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness

This freedom is incredibly important and is the foundation of our country. The freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness signifies your individual right to choose for yourself how to live your life. This freedom implies that happiness is the highest state of being, and suggests that the natural state of existence is a state of natural ecstatic wonder. We have the right to pursue and achieve this ecstatic wonder as it is a natural part of being a human. 

4.The Freedom to Have Food and Water

This is an incredibly important freedom and it relates to our survival as humans. While the laws of our country may not legitimize this claim, by the laws of Mother Nature, every single organism in the universe is privileged to accesses the bounties of nature, including the most basic forms of sustenance: food and water. Food and water are gifts from the universe given to us for sustenance and should not be taken for granted. 

5. The Freedom of Personal Self-Expression 

Every single person in a unique individual unlike any other. The way we show our uniqueness is through personal self-expression; the outward display of our personality and persona to the world. While society may have one idea about how to appropriately self-express, the truth is that humans have complete freedom to choose how to express themselves. This means speaking the way you like to speak, dressing how you like to dress, and living the way you want to live. It’s your freedom to be as colorful or creative as you want!

We at The Om Shoppe & Spa hope this helped draw your awareness to the civil liberties we are so lucky to hold in our lives. With awareness comes gratitude, so please remember to be thankful for all the freedom and opportunity the universe grants us. 

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