Top Perks of Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is one of those scents that can make you swoon with delight from its fragrance alone, but its benefits extend far beyond its alluring aroma. Originally hailing from Indonesia, patchouli has a long and rich history of being one of the most widely used and sought-after plants on the planet. 

A natural insecticide, patchouli doubles as a natural deodorant and used as a safe and effective  aroma-spray has graced many garments, carpets and textiles across Asia and beyond.

You could almost call it sacred, especially since folks have long infused temples with its woodsy, earthy scent. Even if you don’t happen to have a temple in your backyard, you can unleash the power of patchouli in your home or office – provided your coworkers are up to enjoying the distinct and potent aroma.

Patchouli Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Heat up a bit of patchouli essential oil in your oil burner and you can likewise heat up your sex life. This exotic fragrance happens to be a keenly erotic fragrance that can serve as an effective aphrodisiac.

Lifting depression is also on the list of patchouli essential oil benefits, with the ability to quickly improve your spirits and soothe your nerves. Its sedative properties work to reduce hyperactive reactions as well as quiet convulsions, inflammations, coughs and even epileptic attacks.

Patchouli essential oil acts as a tonic to benefit your entire physical being. Its astringent properties give your muscles, nerves and skin an invigorating boost, strengthening your gums, firming up your skin and keeping your muscles taut.

Another advantage for your skin comes from patchouli’s ability to fade out scars. It can quicken the healing of wounds and cuts and promote new growth at your body’s cellular level. Its diuretic properties can further serve not only your skin but your entire body by helping to flush out built-up toxins that can result in lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as weight loss.

Opting for Organic Patchouli Essential Oil

As extensive as patchouli essential oil uses may be, you’ll reap the biggest benefits if you ensure you’re going for an organic version of the oil. This eliminates any harmful chemicals or other unnatural elements that may be used to grow the plant and ensures your patchouli is as pure and powerful as nature intended it to be.          

Enjoy organic patchouli as a single note essential oil, in clean burning soy patchouli aromatherapy candles,  or sensual organic patchouli  and ylang ylang natural perfume.


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