Explore Your Eternal Nature with Hypnotic Past Life Regression

A Hypnotic event is being made available at The Om Shoppe & Spa, and we wanted to dispel some myths about this often-misunderstood form of therapy.

Hypnosis is a phenomena often misrepresented by the media, being portrayed as a form of psychic penetration in which the recipient’s will is subsumed by the influence of the hypnotist. This is an inaccurate representation born from Hollywood’s love of exaggerating that which is misunderstood. Hypnosis is actually a far more common phenomenon than most people realize and always involves a self-induced trance state.

Human beings, especially in times of relaxation or absentmindedness, have a natural proclivity for shifting into trance-states. Individuals heavily entrenched in the physical realm refer to trance-state episodes as daydreams or fantasies, however those more ethereally inclined recognize the trance-state as being the spirit’s natural inclination to rest and rebalance.  In a stress-free existence, the mind and spirit are naturally connected. However, the real world is highly stressful, and the mind responds to this stress by constructing mental defenses and barriers. While these defenses do serve to protect individuals from external forces of stress, they also restrict people from connecting with their spirit. In the trance state, mental defenses and neuroses diminish, allowing the spirit to emerge from unconsciousness to consciousness and awareness.

There are many ways of inducing a trance-state
including auto-hypnotic techniques such as
by watching a pendulum swing
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and is a natural state which we enter into many times a day, often without realizing it. When we connect with our spirit we are connecting with our intuition and higher self, which is why people in this state often report sudden insights, epiphanies, or ideas derived from their unconscious mind. The trance-state creates a deep level of relaxation in which physiological arousal is muted. This allows individuals to remember, fantasize, or visualize an infinite number of things without experiencing an emotional charge attached to those visualizations. In this lies incredible therapeutic potential, as hypnotized individuals will be able to re-approach traumatic memories and experiences without experiencing a negative emotional reaction.

Often hypnotherapy treatments involve clients
comfortably reclining as a therapist sits by
and offers various suggestions to the client's mind
Hypnosis is capable of blurring the lines between the conscious and unconscious mind. This means that anything a consciousness has experienced can be accessed in a trance-state. Not only have individuals reported experiencing early infantile memories, but reports of experiencing memories associated with a previous incarnation of that consciousness are common. This phenomenon, called past life regression hypnosis, occurs in a deep, usually guided hypnotic state. Often, the past life that our consciousness reveals to us in this state is directly related to an issue of unresolved karma. Often, experiences of previous lives allow individuals to gain perspective on their life problems and approach challenges with a wider frame of reference.

Many people, when bogged down with a busy or distracted mind, may find it difficult to slip into a deep hypnotic state, as can be consciously achieved through meditation, relaxation, or flow-states. Trained hypnotherapists understand the spirit’s natural desire to surface, and are able to guide patients to a hypnotic state. Upon deeply relaxing a patient, a hypnotherapist will guide the participant by means of suggestion to corners of the psyche normally unapproachable due to extreme mental defenses constructed by the patient. In the trance state, the body will not display the normal fear-response of a typical phobia-reaction, and the mind will be able to explore why the phobia exists without being influenced by fear, shame, or doubt. It is important to recognize: hypnosis and suggestion are only influential when they correspond to the desires of the recipient. A hypnotist will only be able to make you cluck like a chicken if that’s what you want to do.

At The Om Shoppe & Spa we are excited to introduce a unique hypnotic experience of guided past life regression hypnotic therapy! Guided by professional hypnotherapist Deborah Berje, this one-day-only event will take place on Saturday, October 29th between 6:00-8:30pm. Relax in the presence of the beautiful crystals, salt lamps, and aromas of The Om Shoppe & Spa as Deborah guides you to the richest corners of your mind during this treatment. Limited space available. Call or visit our store to reserve a spot today! If there’s an area of your life you want to re-approach, refocus, or transform, don’t wait, sign up today!

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