Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude? 5 Things to do That'll Help You Say "Yes!"

The holiday season is all about expressing gratitude, but amidst the stress that accumulates during this sometimes stressful season, we sometimes forget to apply gratitude outside of the context of gift receiving. When we spend too much of our time overworking or abstain from practicing self-care, we lose the time and space for expressing gratitude. Even a small expression of gratitude has a powerful effect on mood, producing a bountiful sensation. That is why we’re explaining five minimal energy ways of introducing gratitude into your life

1.     Say Thanks Before Eating
Food is one of the most basic life sustaining necessities for humans, yet it is often regarded as common and not given respect. Mealtimes provide the perfect opportunity to express gratitude, which can be done in the form of a simple ritual. There are many variations on the tradition of saying a word, chanting, or speaking prior to taking the first bite of a meal. For instance, a common practice is to wait until everyone at a meal is served and then saying together “Om.” This ritual serves to cultivate a sense of specialness around food that has been blessed in such a way

2.     Say “I Love You”
How often do we tell our loved ones we love them? For many of us it could be said more often. These simple words are a powerful way of creating a connection between people born of mutual gratitude. By expressing love for someone, you are declaring your appreciation for them, an act which is empowering to both parties. There are many different ways of expressing love and appreciation: bowing, giving a hug, or saying Namaste all convey a sense of love and respect.

3.     Every time you think of a want, think of a "I already have"
Sometimes negative thoughts enter our heads. It is common to have greedy thoughts or thoughts filled with desire. In order to counteract our buying into those greedy thoughts, every time you catch yourself thinking a thought about something you want or something you don’t have, consciously recognize that you are thinking those thoughts, and instead consciously remind yourself of something you already have. This technique will allow us to realize when we are thinking negative thoughts and allows us to replace those negative thoughts with thoughts of gratitude.

4.     Give Away Your Leftover Clothes
An excellent way of cultivating gratitude is by giving back to the community. The act of giving metaphorically represents our acknowledgement that our needs are more than met and that we are ready to use our excess for a greater good. A really simple way of giving away something you no longer need is donating your used clothes, rather than throw them away.

5.     Create a crystal gratitude grid
Certain crystals, such as apatite, tiger’s eye, and rose quartz resonate with the frequency of gratitude. That means that they naturally attract the energy of gratitude into our lives. This effect is amplified when we direct our thought intention through these crystals, an act which will serve to manifest gratitude into our lives. Try constructing a crystal grid with these crystals for a boost of gratitude!

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We at The Om Shoppe & Spa wish you happy preparations for your holiday season!

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