How to Make It Through a Stressful Holiday Season: 5 Tips

Spending time with your loved ones this holiday season? We at The Om Shoppe & Spa are reminded of a simple quote provided by the yoga sage B.K.S. Iyengar: “Think you’ve conquered the ego? Spend some time with your family and we’ll reapproach that question.” While family members are a source of joy and support, it is often difficult to remain composed when a family member expresses divergent political views or oversteps what you consider to be normal or appropriate. For this reason we wanted to offer some survival tips for dealing with disagreements over this holiday season.

Tip 1: Establish boundaries.
If there is a familial topic of contention likely to emerge during a holiday feast, make sure to express your desire to avoid the topic, or establish familial norms of respect and compassion instead. Feel free to suggest that everyone share a rule or norm they’d like to follow. Some good ones are: no talking over others, respect differing opinions, and be willing to let things go.

Tip 2: Plan ahead
A lot of holiday tension is generated when members of a celebrating party are not on the same page in regards to celebratory plans. Make sure to communicate clearly with all family members where you’ll be meeting, what time you’ll be meeting, and what activities to expect to participate in. This is a great way of sharing responsibility (which takes stress off of you) and getting all members of the celebration involved. Try a Google calendar or a Facebook group for easy communication!

Tip 3: Take care of yourself
In the often chaotic wake of holiday cheer, it is easy to forget to care for yourself. Holiday visits may be an especially stressful time of year as there is an additional amount of communication and facilitation that must occur for everything to flow smoothly. The holiday season is all about generosity, don’t forget to be generous to yourself! Feel free to gift yourself something, take some time for yourself, even relax in a warm bubble bath!

Tip 4: Stay organized
During the holiday season there is simply more to keep track of than at any other time of year. If you’re traveling or even staying close to home, it is wise to stay organized so you don’t find yourself forgetting something at the last minute. One thing that is very helpful is making lists! Make a list of who you’re buying gifts for, how many people will be present, and what you need to do to prepare. This ensures that nothing will be forgotten.

Tip 5: Stay open-minded
A good attitude is often what is needed to turn any holiday disagreement into an opportunity for learning and discourse. You may find that a family member is teaching you something new. By remaining calm and even, you will encourage others to act the same.

We at The Om Shoppe & Spa hope these tips will be helpful in diffusing any kind of stress or tension generated during the holiday season. And remember, even if you follow these tips, anything can happen. Try to approach all situations with forgiveness and compassion. If you ever need a boost of encouragement try the following mantra:

I am the forgiver.
I am the forgiven.
Forgiveness sets me free.
I release. I am free!

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Get ready for the holiday season with The Om Shoppe & Spa!

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