3 Ways You Can Create a Positive Holiday Party!

We at The Om Shoppe & Spa understand that the holidays may be an especially stressful time of year. With all the hustling and bustling that goes about, we sometimes forget to focus on the positives of the holiday season. The reason we come together is to celebrate each other and express the gratitude we feel. This goal is best achieved from a place of groundedness and peace, which is why we wanted to take the time to give you some tips on 
how to create a positive, stress free holiday party.

1.     Diffuse euphoric essential oils

The power of smell is an under recognized contributor to well-being and enjoyment. Often without realizing it, we are being primed and influenced by environmental smells. Smell is the sense most closely associated with memory; by disseminating smells associated with positive experiences, it is possible to boost the moods of individuals. Certain smells works especially well during the holiday season. For example, peppermint, cinnamon, and wintergreen are commonly associated with the holiday season.  These scents will work excellently at a holiday party, contributing towards the overall atmosphere. In addition certain scents can be used to set the mood of a party. Ylang ylang essential oil has a particularly euphoric scent which puts anyone in a better mood. Patchouli essential oil will help keep party goers calm and relaxed, or try a citrusy essential oil like Sweet Orange to keep everyone stimulated and feeling fresh. Diffusing is a simple and subtle way of positively influencing the atmosphere of any holiday party.

2.     Intention setting ceremony

With all the rushing about that goes on during the holiday season, it is important to take the time to slow down and remember what it’s all about. If we never bring consciousness or awareness into the holiday season, then a large amount of gratitude and benefits is lost to us because we are too busy focusing on material things. This can be easily counteracted by including an intentional aspect to any holiday event. This can be an incredibly powerful thing to do in a celebratory atmosphere with loved ones and can be as simple as proposing a toast at a party and commenting on what the holiday season means to you. Conversations in which everyone can contribute their thoughts are excellent ways of getting everyone to be mindful of the purpose of the holiday season. When people are mindful of things like gratitude, relationships, and appreciation, then they become happier and more accepting of how things are. This is a great way of bringing people together and enhancing communication and feelings of connectedness between party goers.

3.     Mood Lighting

Just like smell, light can also have a powerful influence on our experience of the world. An important balance of light is important for setting the atmosphere of a party; too much light may be overwhelming and overly stimulating, whereas too little light could create a dull mood. Softer lighting is more conducive to a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. If possible, steer clear of florescent lighting and try and cover sources of light from direct view. In addition, softer sources of light, such as from candles or from Himalayan salt or selenite lamps work as great alternatives to overhead lighting. You can even experiment with different colored lighting to alter the mood of the party. Cool blue colors may be used to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere, whereas reds and oranges may make for a livelier event. 

We hope these suggestions help you create a more positive holiday party this holiday season! If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them with us, we’d love to hear from you! In addition, check out these trending holiday products (perfect for any loved one if you’re not sure what to gift them this holiday season!).

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We at The Om Shoppe & Spa wish you a safe and healthy holiday season! 

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