The Common Threads of All Religions

In this day and age it seems that many individuals with a Western mindset have become dissociated from the deeper purpose of religion and spiritual practice. We at The Om Shoppe & Spa wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the deeper purpose behind religion. It is a human tendency to focus on the easily accessible aspects of something, which may be why many people regard participation in religious rituals or observances as constituting religiousness. While this is an important part of it, it is important to consider the purpose of various religious rituals and observances.

A variety of religions with corresponding rituals, structures, and procedures have been developed throughout human history whose purpose it always is to connect people with the Source of or explanation for their creation: this is the primary theme and purpose of religion. Religion specialist Carla Rueckert defines three elements of this theme which constitute the common threads shared by all religions.

1.    Source or Explanation of Creation
Religion explains that there is a source or explanation of our creation in the universe. Religion provides a framework of meaning for individuals. The alternative attitude dictates that human life is meaningless as there is no higher purpose than survival. The religious perspective instead declares that there is a higher truth to things beyond what occurs on the surface level of everyday reality.
2.    Everyone Is From the Same Source
All religions explain that all humans come from the same creator or Source into this world. In addition, all people will return to the same Source after life. This Source is absolute and inexplicable in nature, being beyond the scope of human comprehension.
3.    Love Unites All
Religion serves to aid people in connecting with Source. Feelings of connection with Source are very powerful and correspond to feelings of love. Religious participation encourage feelings of connection with self, others, and Source. Love is a powerful thing which can heal, change an attitude, or cause a miracle.

            Religion is a beautiful tool for connecting with our orienting sense of meaning and purpose. Religious rituals, rites, holidays, and observances are all designed to evoke feelings of love and respect for the Source of existence. We at The OmShoppe & Spa wanted to share this with you because it is our mission to help bring a sense of awareness and connection into everyones' lives.

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Have a safe and happy New Year, 
from The Om Shoppe & Spa!

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