Easy Psychology Hack to Turn Your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach for 2017!

Often it can be very easy to get lost in or indulge negative thinking. In many cases it is the voice of our internal critic which inhibits us from pursuing our goals or expressing ourselves completely. The internal critic can be an especially powerful inhibitor when an individual is unaware of the voice of the internal critic or misperceives the critic as being beneficent in nature. We at The Om Shoppe & Spa are dedicated to introducing a sense of peace to our community, which is why we wanted to highlight a simple psychological technique that helps bring awareness to the inner critic so that it may be transformed into an inner coach.

In this hustle and bustle world there are many moments when we are too busy or distracted to pay attention to what is going on inside. Often without realizing it, we are missing the significance of a large portion of the feedback our mind is feeding us about the quality of our lived experience.

The way we view the world to a large
extent determines our experience of the world
According to the study of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), there is a connection between neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns; that is, the thoughts we think determine our behavior and our experience of the world. When we adopt a pattern of thinking, a corresponding change in behavior follows. For instance, thinking something negative like “I have failed” will cause someone to think and act like they are a failure.

Therefore, by consciously attempting to think about certain, positive things, the negative voice of the inner critic can be replaced by a positive, supporting voice of the inner coach. An excellent way of drawing awareness to the voice of the inner critic is through writing. By grabbing a pen and paper and letting your thoughts flow in a stream of consciousness style, it is possible to objectively look at your own thought process to analyze what kind of thoughts you are thinking. Reread what you write and look for any self-critical words you have written. In a new space try writing positive affirmations over and over. This exercise will help draw awareness to self-critical tendencies and help re-imprint the voice of the critic with a supporting, affirming voice.
Journaling is an excellent way of transforming the
inner critic
We at The Om Shoppe & Spa know that it can be easy to indulge your inner critic. We hope this psychology hack helps you find a sense of acceptance and purpose in all life situations.

In addition, this week we wanted to highlight a few trending products which correspond to self-care and self-support.

1.     Try some Stress Free Roll-on-Relief for extra mental clarity. This essential oil balm is perfect for reducing judgment, allowing one to more easily accept themselves.
2.     Selenite is a harmonizing crystal that lends its energy wherever there is a need for it. This crystal will allow you to achieve a higher state of well-being, allowing you to accept all dimensions of the self.
3.     A 60 second memory journal is the perfect tool for stepping back and analyzing your thoughts in order to figure out how you think. This is a useful way of assessing where your inner critic lies.

We at The Om Shoppe & Spa hope that this information helps you to transform your inner critic into an inner coach! Happy New Years!

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